Mi Hermano, El Caviteno

In my short existence in this planet, I have come to realize that one of the most important tools of diplomacy in this world is language. If you speak the language of a certain group of people, that makes forming a relationship with them much easier. Forming friendships with someone is also easier if you speak a common language.

It has come to me as a surprise to know that Zamboanguenos and Cavitenos speak mutually inteligible Chavacano dialects. I have known for a long time that the cities of Cavite and Zamboanga are sister cities however what surprises me is the apparent lack of fondness between the two groups of people. I have recently come into contact with some Cavitenos in a Facebook group called Chabacano Siempre and I feel a strong connection with these people that it made me want to write an article encouraging Zamboanguenos to mingle more with Cavitenos who we can practically call our brothers in the far north. Below are some conversations that I've had with some Cavitenos in our Chavacano dialect and English.

As you may have noticed, Zamboanguenos can converse with Cavitenos using their own Chavacano dialects and we still would understand each other. There are differences of course, but they are not too many to hinder comprehension. Take note though that the people present in the above conversation are speaking the Chabacano in Cavite city and not the Chabacano in Ternate, Cavite. As I have said in a different post, the Chabacano in Ternate is a bit different and would not be understandable (as far as I'm concerned) to a Chabacano de Zamboanga speaker.

I hope that one day there will be more interaction between the Zamboanguenos and Cavitenos because we obviously share a part of history with each other and that we will be sister cities not just in paper but also in our actions and emotions.

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  1. Gracias na tu informacion Jerome!
    yo tambien tene un amigo y compañero na fb, un Bahra Hablante ele de Ternate.

    ta entende kame uno otros..

    pero amo lang gane, mas ta entende le conmigo que yo con ele por causa na maga pronombres
    kame/kita = mijotros/motro
    sila = lojotros/lotro
    kanila = con eli o con ilos.

    pero ahora, ta puede ya gat yo entende.

    ya crea pa gane yo un grupo na fb para uni todos los hablantes de Chavacano "Los Chavacanos" pero hasta ahora, poco pa lang el miembro alla.

    simple lang man el objetivo de aquel grupo... para uni lang conaton todo Chavacanos, que Bahra o Caviteñ, Ermiteño si tene pa o Cotabateñ, Zamboangueño o Castellano Abakay.

    cuand gale, tene gale tambien yo amigo Cotabateñ... na mi observacion, su dialecto tene influencia Maguindanao y maranao.

    bueno hasta ya lang anay el mi comentario.

    Dios te Bendiga!

    a.k.a Acer_Cyle