Origins of the Chabacano Manda

The Chabacano manda has three usages. The first is to let or allow someone do something, and the second one is to request or ask someone to do something.

Chabacano: Puede yo contigo manda compra coke?
English: Can I ask you to buy coke?

Chabacano: Puede yo contigo manda saca un vaso de agua?
English: Can I ask you to get a glass of water?

Chabacano: Por que ba tu conmigo pirmi ta manda que manda?
English: Why are you always ordering me around?

Chabacano: Sige ya, manda ya tu conmigo anda na party.
English: Come on. Let me go to the party already.

Chabacano: Puede ba tu manda conmigo dormi tamen?
English: Can you let me sleep now?

Chabacano: Manda con Pedro anda na tienda y compra Coke.
English: Make Pedro go to the store and buy Coke.

The Chabacano word mandador means a bossy person or someone who likes to order people around.

 The third meaning of the Chabacano manda is very similar to one of its usages in the Spanish language.

Here is a sentence (and its English translation) that I got from on how the word mandar is used in Spanish.

English: ¿por quĂ© no mandas a arreglar esos zapatos?
English: why don't you get o have those shoes mended?

In Chabacano, this sentence will be: Porque tu hinde manda arregla con ese zapatos?

See the similarity?

You would often hear the word mandar in conversations in shops or store offering some sort of service like printing service, etc. Here are some examples of what you would hear:

Chabacano: Puede yo manda man print coneste?
English: Can I have this printed?

Chabacano: Puede yo manda hace copia de este llava?
English: Can you make a copy of this copy?

Chabacano: Puede yo manda chequia si ta vende ustedes con este aqui?
English: Can you check if this is sold here?


  1. I enjoy your blog! It's great to learn more about my mother's culture. She speaks chabacano herself. Thanks Jerome! :)