How To Say 'I Love You' And 'I Hate You' In Chabacano

Saying I love you in Chabacano is a bit tricky. Most people just say 'I love you' (pronouncing the word love as lab). But in songs or formal occasions, Chabacano speakers say 'I love you like this': ta ama yo contigo. Let’s dissect this sentence.

Ta= Present tense indicator

Ama= love

Yo= I

Contigo= you

Again, you’ll only hear this in songs. You really won’t hear people saying to each other ta ama yo contigo.

Saying I hate you in Chabacano is also a bit difficult. In the dictionary of Santos (2010), the word hate in Chabacano is rabia or odia. However I’m not really sure how to use these two words in a sentence because to me ta rabia yo contigo or ta odia yo contigo just doesn’t sound natural. Rabiao yo contigo (which is something people frequently say in Chabacano) just doesn't convey the correct emotion because it means something like I am angry at you (milder than hate).

So how do we say the English 'I hate you' in Chabacano?

One of the things that I will tell somebody to let them know that I don’t like them very much is peste gayod vos or makapeste gayod con vos! One can also say no quiere ya yo contigo. Although this is like I don’t like you anymore and sounds too mild. My female friends at the office always use the word enchila (from the Spanish enchilar, spelled as inchila in Camins' and Santos' dictionaries), ta enchila gayod yo con ele! Yes, that's more like it. šŸ˜ 

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