Origins of the Chabacano Volve

In Spanish, it is volver. In Chabacano, it is pronounced as bolbe. In this article, I will be using the Spanish spelling. The word volver means to return or go back in Spanish. In Chabacano, the word volve means to go home. It is never used to mean to go back or to return. This stems from the Spanish volver a casa (to go home). Although in Chabacano, it was shortened to just volve.

Here are some examples on how we use the word volve in Chabacano.

Chabacano: Que hora tu volve?

English: What time will you go home?

Chabacano: De noche ya cuando ya puede yo volve ayer.

English: It was already night time when I was able to go home yesterday.

Chabacano: Cuando tu volve na Zamboanga?

English: When are you coming home to Zamboanga?

Chabacano: Volve ya yo.

English: Im going home already.

Chabacano: Donde tu ta volve?

English: Where do you go home to?

In Spanish, the word volver can also be used to mean again (volver a ver meaning to see again). In Chabacano though, this is the only usage of the word volve.

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