The Chabacano Guevon and Haragan

The words guevon and haragan are colloquial words found mostly in Latin American Spanish. They both mean lazy.

These words also occur in the Chabacano language. There are however some differences at how these words are used in the Spanish and Chabacano language.

In Chabacano, the word haragan is an adjective meaning glutton. The word guevon meanwhile is an adjective that can mean somebody with big testicles and a lazy person. The word guevon is also colloquial (and offensive) in the Chabacano language and it doesn’t in fact appear in the dictionary of Camins and Rolando Arquiza Santos (2010). The word haragan does appear in both these dictionaries because it is not considered colloquial.

Rolando Arquiza Santos defines the word haragan as glutton, greedy, and ravenous. Camins meanwhile defines it as a glutton. Santos’ dictionary also has the word guevos which he defines as testicles (the more used word though for testicles is bola bola).

The h in the Chabacano haragan can be pronounced as the English or the Spanish h.  Therefore some people pronounce it as aragan and some pronounce it as haragan (h like hat). Note that the last a in haragan has a stress in it. This occurs both when said in the Spanish and Chabacano  languages.

A note on the word guevon. This word does not appear in the speech of all Chabacano speakers. It is mostly spoken by people who live in rural areas. The more conventional word for lazy is flojo/floja.

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  1. Of course guevon won't appear in the dictionary, you need to look under huevón.

    Also, regarding the aspirated h, it was voiced this way in Medieval Spanish. You can still hear it pronounced this way among some people in Extremadura, Andalucía, and Islas Canarias.