Origins of the Chabacano Desma

While browsing the Chabacano dictionaries in my possession (I have two), I noticed something very peculiar. According to these dictionaries, the word desmaya means to faint. If we look at the Spanish language, the word for the verb to faint is desmayarse. However, I have never known this word to exist in the Chabacano language. The word for fainting (or at least what I know) is desma.

Now I don’t believe this to be a case of traditional and modern Chabacano (desmaya being the word used in traditional Chabacano). I even asked other people in their 50s and they all agreed that desma is the word for fainting and not desmaya. If desmaya was indeed the word used once by Chabacano speakers, they must be in their 80s or even dead. The reason I say this is that Camins began work in his Chabacano dictionary at the age of 78 already and this guy was born in 1912. Santos meanwhile was born in 1934 (though he does not say when he began work with his Chabacano dictionary).

Here are some sentences using the Chabacano word desma.

Chabacano: Saca agua, ya desma si mama!

English: Get some water, mom fainted!

Chabacano: Almorza anay tu, temora desma tu de hambre.

English: Have some breakfast first, you might faint from hunger.

What about you? In YOUR Chabacano, do you say desma or desmaya?