How to say Law in Chabacano

In this post, I shall be talking about the word ley. If you regularly watch or listen to news in Chabacano, this word might ring a bell. Ley in Chabacano means the law. I bet you never guessed that. If you are young, chances are you never knew this word and so you always use the English equivalent. Don't worry, you are not alone.

Now let us take a look at the different useful phrases using this Chabacano word.

Chabacano: Segun na ley

English: According to the law

Chabacano: Ta na ley / No hay na ley

English: (Something) is in the law/ not in the law

Here are some sentences using the Chabacano ley .

Chabacano: Asegun na ley, prohibido escupi na camino.

English: According to the law, one can't spit in the streets.

Chabacano: Amo yo, ta na ley el cosa yo ta habla.

English: I am right, what I'm saying is in the law.

Chabacano: Tiene ba ta habla na ley que no puede yo planta case aqui?

English: Does it say anywhere in the law that I can't put up a house here?

Here is a conversation between two friends featuring the word ley.

-Necesita yo abogao kay no hay yo cosa sabe na ley.

-Porque man? Cosa ya pasa?

-Quiere planta caso conmigo mi -vecinos. Ya ruba daw yo de ila manok.

-Ay cosa ya! Para na manok lang, man peleahan pa gayod.

-Amo gane.

-I need a lawyer because I don't know anything about the law.

-Why, what happened?

-My neighbor wants to file a case against me for allegedly stealing their chicken.

-What? You guys are going to fight just because of a chicken?

-Yeah, I know.

I hope that you start using this word in your everyday Chabacano conversations.

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  1. Pero si dentro casa, mi nana firmi se ta habla kanamon "si cosa el regulación que yo ya hablá, entonces sabe creé y seguí. " ^_^