The Chabacano Expression Pone Por Pecho

In Tagalog, we know this expression as 'dibdibin (something)'. In English, I don't believe there is an equivalent but this Chabacano idiomatic expression would roughly translate to taking something very seriously (normally something bad that someone said or did to you).

In Tagalog TV programs, one will often hear the expression 'huwag mong dibdibin ang sinabi niya sa iyo'. As you may now have guessed, this is an expression that occurs a lot in Filipino culture. What can I say, Filipinos are very sensitive creatures.

For those of you out there who are not familiar with Filipino culture, here are some Chabacano dialogues which will help you understand the Chabacano expression 'pone por pecho'.

Mother to son: Porque bajo el devoh mga marca na escuela? Con quien ba voh ya saca? No hay bobo na de aton familia. (Why are your grades in school low? Who do you take after? Nobody in our family is stupid.)

Father to son: No tu pone por pecho aquel cosa ya habla tu mama. Dejalo, estudia lang enbuenamente y
segurao yo que otra vez, ay saca ya tu buen marca. (Don't pay attention to your mom. Just study hard and I am sure that you will get good grades next time.)

This Chabacano expression might not be known to young Chabacano speakers and those who speak it as a second language.


  1. "In Tagalog, we know this expression as 'dibdibin (something)'."

    Sound like the Spanish expression, tomar algo a pecho.


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