A Government Document in Chabacano

This one is definitely for keeps. The photo comes from Habla Zamboangueno. It is a government document written in Chabacano from the City Treasury Office. There is no way for me to be sure what the document is all about because the photo is not complete but I think that it is a reminder for people who own real estate to pay taxes.

If the measure for how well one speaks or write in Chabacano is the degree of usage of Spanish words, then this document definitely contains very well written Chabacano. I think that this document will be easily understood by most Spanish speakers.

I always thought that one of the reasons that Chabacano is poorly used and even looked down upon by the young people today is most of them feel like Chabacano is not a sufficiently developed language and can only be used for simple everyday spoken conversations. Of course, with the advent of social media, we now see smatterings of written Chabacano here and there,  But much of the written conversations taking place using these mediums are often very informal. We will not, for example, use Chabacano when writing a letter or a long email. Maybe, as the Chabacano language becomes more developed, we will see more written documents in Chabacano as well as it's usage in complex discourses.

Having written documents in Chabacano is obviously a big step forward in promulgating the language. While we now have several newscasts in Chabacano, more has to be done for the Chabacano language. Government documents written in Chabacano is simply taking the language to a whole new level, so hooray for Chabacano!

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