How to say Health related words in Chabacano

If you've ever been to one of the hospitals or clinics in Zamboanga city, here is a dialogue (in Chabacano) that you might encounter:

Dialogue 1

Nurse: Cosa aquel? (pronounced as cosaquel)

Patient: Miss, duele man mio cabeza.

Nurse: Del cuando pa ese ma'am?

Patient: Na, del lunes pa este.

Nurse: Tiene ba tu cosa otro ta sinti? No hay ba tu calor?

Patient: No hay man, pero ta tose yo ahora (Ahora is pronounced in Chabacano as Ahra, only on formal occassions or by certain people would you hear this word pronounced as aw-ra)

Nurse: Pero no hay tu custipao

Patient: No hay man. No hay man yo custipao (this word comes the Spanish constipao).

Dialogue 2

Mother: No hay tu entra escuela?

Son: No hay. Enfermo yo.

Mother: Na anda ya kita na doctor.


Doctor: Cosa el problema?

Mother: Enfermo mio anak.

Son: Grabe mio tos doc.

Doctor: Tiene ba flema si ta tose tu?

Son: Si. Acabar duele tambien (pronounced as tamen) mio detras.

Doctor: Ta mira yo porcausa ese na de tuyo tos. Pero hinde tu tan dificil resulia?

Son: Hinde man.

Here is a translation in English:

Dialogue 1

Nurse: How may I help you?

Patient: My head is aching.

Nurse: Since when ma'am?

Patient: Since Monday.

Nurse: Are you also experiencing fever?

Patient: No but I'm coughing.

Nurse: But you do not have colds?

Patient: No I don't.

Dialogue 2

Mother: Did you go to school?

Son: No. I'm sick..

Mother: Well, let's go to the doctor.


Doctor: What's wrong?

Mother: My son is sick.

Son: I've got a bad case of cough.

Doctor: Is there phlegm whenever you cough?

Son: Yes. I'm also experiencing backache.

Doctor: I think that's because of your cough. But you're not experiencing any difficulty in breathing?

Son: No.

***To ensure proper English translation, some sentences were NOT translated literally.

In this post, we learn about how to say the words cold, cough, phlegm, fever, difficulty in breathing, and backache.

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