How to say Don’t Worry in Chabacano

Saying Don’t Worry in Chabacano is easy. Just say: No Tu Man Lingasa.

Here is a dialogue in dialogue featuring this sentence.

Husband: No sabe mas yo cosa yo hace.  Ta perde ya yo esperanza.
Wife: Por que man? Cosa ya pasa?
Husband: Ya quita conmigo na trabajo este dia.
Wife: Ha? Por que daw?
Husband: No sabe yo.
Wife: Ay *dejalo lang. No tu man lingasa. Ay puede lang tu busca otra vez trabajo.
Husband: Ojala.

Here is an English translation of the dialogue above.

Husband: I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m feeling hopeless.
Wife: Why? What happened?
Husband: I was fired from my job today.
Wife: Huh? Why did that happen?
Husband: I don’t know.
Wife: Oh, just let it go. Don’t worry. You will be able to find a job again.
Husband: Let’s hope so.

Now let’s dissect the sentence no tu man lingasa.

No= no
Tu= you
Man Lingasa= to worry

The word lingasa means worry (noun). Since this word doesn’t come from Spanish, we add man in front to make it a verb. This is the same form as man swimming or man jogging.

*Dejalo is pronounced dialo or jalo (English j)

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