Origins of the Chabacano Entra

While the meaning of the word entra in Chabacano also preserves the meaning of its Spanish original entrar, there are other usages of the word entra in Chabacano. Here is one example on how the Chabacano entra is used:

Chabacano: Entra ba tu escuela este dia?

English:  Are you going to school today?

Chabacano: Entra ba na oficina/trabajo si mama este dia?

English: Is mom going to work today? (Literally, will mom go to her office today?)

If you look at the two examples, the Chabacano entra can be used to mean to go to work or school. Please note that this usage of entra can only be used in these two settings. The regular Chabacano word anda which means to go though can also be used instead of entra.

Another usage of the word entra in Chabacano is to mean to join. Here are some examples:

Chabacano:  Entra ba tu na juego?

English: Ar you joining the game?

Chabacano: Entra yo na raffle.

English: I am joining the raffle.

A very useful usage of the word entra is when saying the English word included.

Chabacano: Puede ba tu hace entra ya con el drinks?

English: Can you include the drinks too?

Chabacano: Tiene ba entrao parking slot si compra yo con el condo?

English: Is there a parking slot included if I buy the condo?

Chabacano: Entrao ba mio nombre na lista?

English: Is my name included in the list? 

Here are other examples of how Chabacano uses the word entra:

Chabacano: Entra tu adentro.

English: Come in or go inside.

Chabacano: Manda entra con el perro na casa.

English: Let the dog enter the house.

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