How to say I Miss You in Chabacano

In Facebook groups, a lot of people, even Chabacano speakers themselves, seem to be wondering how to say 'I miss you' in Chabacano. Most Chabacano speakers get away with just saying tan miss ya yo contigo. However, the verb miss is still untranslated.

The English verb to miss (someone or something) may very well be untranslatable. I googled I miss you in Tagalog and I nearly fell off my chair when I saw what Google Translate had to say:

In very formal Tagalog, one can say nangungulila ako sa iyo although it will probably make you cringe saying it. Most formal Chabacano translations of I miss you are similar; they will make you cringe saying them. Besides, most people wouldn't understand you anyway, if you use them.

In Cebuano, they actually have a translation for I miss you and that is gimingaw kaayo ko nimo. I'm not sure though if Cebuano speakers actually say this. My friend tells me that it's more common to hear people say namiss na ta ka which if you think about it is similar to Tagalog's miss na kita and Chabacano's tan miss ya yo contigo.

A few weeks ago, my mom was in Manila for a vacation and she told me tiene vez, tan triste yo coninio de Kuya. This translates to 'sometimes, I miss you and Kuya'. So I don't know if a lot of people say it like this but I just thought about sharing it here because it does effectively translate the word 'miss' and it won't make you cringe when saying it. However, this probably will only work when saying that you miss someone. It won't work for example when saying that you miss eating at McDonald's. Anyway, there is always tan miss for that as in tan miss ya yo come na McDonald's. šŸ˜€