Origins of the Chabacano Vacia

The Chabacano vacia is pronounced as basha. For this article, we will use the Spanish spelling vacia.

The Spanish vaciar means to empty or drain. Obviously this comes from the Spanish word vacio which means empty (or at least the two words are connected).

In Chabacano, the word vacia can mean either to pour or to empty. So when asking somebody to pour the contents of a container, it is often necessary to specify whether you mean to pour everything or just a partial amount.

Here are some examples on how this is used in the Chabacano language.

Chabacano: Vacia todo aqui.

English: Pour everything here.

Chabacano: *Un poco lang vacia na balde.

English: Pour a little into the bucket.

Chabacano: Vacia agua favor na palangana.

English: Pour water into the basin, please.

In Spanish, the word vaciar also means to empty out or drain something. However, I am not certain if this word can also mean to pour in the Spanish language.

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