The Chabacano Resbaloso and Columbra

In this post, we shall cover the rarely used words resbaloso and columbra. These two words are normally heard from old timers or in formal speech. Resbaloso means slippery and comes from the Spanish resbaloso which means the same thing. Columbra meanwhile means to get a glimpse of (something) or simply to see (something) by chance and it comes from the Spanish columbra which also has the same meaning.

In the Chabacano that is spoken by the young today, these two words are not used anymore (or maybe rarely used). Malandug (also pronounced by some as malanduk) takes the place of resbaloso while mira would be used in place of columbra.

A word that is connected to resbaloso is resbala. Yes, you guessed it. Resbala means to slip and is a verb while resbaloso is a noun. The word malandug becomes man landug when used as a verb.

Here is a discussion I saw in the Zamboanga de Antes Facebook group which asks the question: do the young today still use the word resbaloso?

In this message by TV Patrol Chavacano (a local news program), they ask people to report suspicious persons to the police. This was posted in their Facebook page during the height of the Zamboanga siege


What about you? Do you still use these two words?


  1. Que tal, mi nombre Belle and soy Cebuano. Favorito ko yong site mo dalawin. Tama ba yong Chavacano ko?

    I'm into languages, long story but I've felt na intermediate na iyong Hiligaynon ko and I can learn a new language. I chose Chavacano de Zamboanga although I'm intrigued with Chavacano de Cavite and even Ternate, sa ngayon I feel na mas maraming resources ang sa Zamboanga. I really want to learn this language. Main reason: Sa lahat ng wika sa Filipinas dito mo makikita how the Spaniards and the locals interact, they mix words to understand each other, overtime naging sariling wika at ngayon nag-evolve na and maybe hindi na kasing puro like before. Anyway, ibang topic naman yan.

    Keep writing Sir. It's nice to know there are people like you that are enthusiastic in promoting their language. Gracias.

  2. Highly Recommended! ^_^

    there is also another term for resbaloso which is resbaladizo.
    jendeh yo ta acorda si de cuando yo se ya puede oi... pero ya puede gat yo oi ta usa ese.

  3. Na, el resbaloso lang gane hinde mas yo ta oi, cosa pa gaha el resbaladizo. hehehe.