How To Say 'Suddenly' In Chabacano

Another word that many young Chabacano speakers today don't know the Chabacano equivalent to is the Tagalog word bigla. You have probably heard people say bigla lang ya cae ulan (it rained all of a sudden) or bigla lang ele ya brinca (she jumped all of a sudden).

This post will tackle how the Tagalog word bigla can be said in Chabacano. The Chabacano equivalent is de repente, Two words not one. I know some people who would write this as a single word.

Here are some Chabacano sentences using the phrase de repente.

Chabacano: De repente lang ya queda malo el coche
English: The car suddenly broke down

Chabacano: De repente lang ya queda no hay agua
English: Water suddenly stopped coming out of the faucet.

Chabacano: De repente lang man ya duele mi brazo.
English: My arm suddenly hurt.

I hope that this post inspires people to stop saying the Tagalog word bigla now that they know that there is a more beautiful way of saying it.


  1. Desde el Sur de Espana,un fuerte abrazo a todos los participantes de este blog y FELICES PASCUAS/FELIZ NAVIDAD.Un abrazo,Joaquin

  2. Welll, I never use that word 'bigla'. :-) I'm quite a purist anyway and anyhow...jejeje ^_^

    Like the word 'Resbalá', 'resbaladizo' y 'rezbaloso', which are the i favored over 'malandùg' that other people fond of using. :-)

    Tiene cuidao si ta caminá afuera durante el aguacero porque rezbaloso el fiso del veranda...

    Pedro: oh! ¿Qué pasa con usted Juan por qué hechura cochinadas gat kita allí?

    Juan: loco aquel si Tolomeo... sabe ya que rezbaloso el fiso ya anda siempre empuja conmigo, por eso ya resbalá lang yo no hay na hora.

  3. For me the use of "de repente" sounds much more nicer than bigla, as it keeps more closer of its language roots.