The Chabacano Expression Todol DIa

In Chabacano, when we say todol dia, it means every day. However, did you know that the same expression means all day or the entire day in Spanish? In Spanish, every day is todos los dias. Meanwhile, we say entero dia in Chabacano to mean all day or entire day. Very iteresting, huh?

Chabacano: Todol dia yo ta anda na tienda.
English: I go to the store every day.

Chabacano: Talla yo na tiene entero dia.
English: I was at the store all day.

Of course, the correct way to say it is actually todo el dia but I decided to use todol dia in this post because most people probably know and say it like that.

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  1. I always write it "Todo el dia" and sometimes "Todo los dias". another form of is "todo'l dia".