Origins of the Chabacano Anda

Anda in Chabacano means 'to go'. It is the word we use when one uses the verb ir in Spanish. The verb andar in Spanish has several definitions. Here is a Spanish sentence which I found here using the word anda just like we would in Chabacano.

Spanish: Anda a comprar el periódico.
English: Go and buy the newspaper.
Chabacano: Anda compra el periodico.

Here are some examples of the Chabacano anda being used in a sentence.

In bidding farewell:

Chabacano: Anda ya yo.
English: I’m going/ I’m leaving.

To go:

Chabacano: Anda tu na pueblo?
English: Are you going to the downtown area?

Chabacano: Ya anda le compra comida.
English: He went and bought food.

Chabacano: Anda tu conversa con aquel gente.
English: Go speak with that person.

Chabacano: Anda kita na Manila.
English: Let’s go Manila.