Mi Hermano, El Caviteno

In my short existence on this planet, I have come to realize that one of the most important tools of diplomacy in this world is language. If you speak the language of a certain group of people, that makes forming a relationship with them much easier. Forming friendships with someone is also easier if you speak a common language.

It has come to me as a surprise to know that Zamboangueños and Caviteños speak a (almost) mutually intelligible language. I have known for a long time that the cities of Cavite and Zamboanga are sister cities however what surprises me is the apparent lack of fondness between the two groups of people. I have recently come into contact with some Caviteños in a Facebook group called Chabacano Siempre and I feel a strong connection with these people that it made me want to write an article encouraging Zamboangueños to mingle more with Caviteños who we can practically call our brothers in the far north. Below are some conversations that I've had with some Caviteños in Chabacano and English.

As you may have noticed, Zamboangueños can converse with Caviteños using their own Chabacano languages and we still would understand each other! There are differences of course, but they are not too many to hinder comprehension. Take note though that the people present in the above conversation are speaking the Chavacano in Cavite city and not the Chavacano in Ternate, Cavite (or what is known as Bahra).

I hope that one day there will be more interactions between the Zamboangueños and Caviteños because we obviously share a part of history with each other and that we will be sister cities not just on paper but also in our actions and emotions. 💙