Pasacalle- A Chavacano de Ermita Song

I recently found a video on YouTube featuring the song Pasacalle. According to the uploader, the song is in Ermitaño Chavacano.

I tried listening to the song but I can’t make out any of the words.

Since the user disabled embedding for his video, here is the youtube link:

I previously asked if anyone out there knew the lyrics to this song. As can be seen from the comments section of this post, somebody (by the name of Mr. Cesar Mamongan Jr) replied to my plea and posted the lyrics to this song. Below is the lyrics in its original Chavacano de Ermita.

Pasacalle de Aray by Jesus Balmori

En la dulzura de mi afán
Junto contigo na un peñón
Mientras ta despierta el buwan
Y en las playas del Pasay
Se iba bajando el sol.

Yo te decía "Gusto ko!"
Tú me decías "Justo na!"
Y de repente "Ay naku!"
ya sentí yo como si un aswang se acercá.

Que un cangrejo ya corré (ya corré, corré, corré)
Poco a poco na tu la(d)o
Y de pronto ta escondé
Bajo tus faldas...amoratado!

Cosa que el diablo hace
Si escabeche o kalamay
Es el que no ta sabé
Hasta que yo ya escuché
Fuerte fuerte el voz ¡Aray!

As was commented by Mr. Mamongan, there are some parts which does seem like Spanish. These are the parts which have conjugated verbs (se iba, decía, *escuché, decías). Not all verbs in the song however are conjugated. Corré, escondé, sabé are already "chabacanized". This is evident in the fact that the last letter is stressed.

We do see obvious Chabacano lexicons such as na and ta (as present tense marker) and ya (as past tense marker) before verbs.

Just a disclaimer, the analysis made on the song is based on what the commentor posted below.