The Chabacano Masiao

As a kid, I remember my dad saying that he rarely hears the word demasiao and/or masiao being used anymore. I actually have never encountered this word until a few moments ago in an online forum.

Blando masyaw si Ma'am Beng (the current mayor of Zamboanga city), this is what somebody posted on a forum. Judging from how the word masyaw is used, I am guessing that it is the equivalent of bien or 'very'. Other examples of this word being used (that I have found online) seem to point that it means 'too much'.

This word most probably comes from the Spanish demasiado which means 'too'. Masiao does not appear in Spanish dictionaries but in an online forum, I saw it being used in Spanish (maybe colloquially).

Here are some examples of the Chabacano masiao being used along with its translation (taken from the book: a Composite Dictionary of Philippine Creole Spanish and La Lengua Espanola en Filipinas):

In Chavacano de Cavite, this word is also used.

Here is a post on Facebook which is kind of funny and cute. It translates to: don't go out too much, well fine, go ahead, just be careful, the dog might find you on the street.

What about you, do you still use this word?


  1. ¡Hola, Jerom!
    ¿Qué tal?

    Aquel si Si!Chavacano tamen yo ya escribí le "de masiao", para conmigo debe ese un palabra lang como "demasiado o demasiao".

    Pero fuera verdad, ralo lang gat yo ta usa ese palabra "demasiao" sino mas acostumbrao yo usa con el "demasiado". Y ese tambien gat yo firmi ta podé oí con mi nana ta regaña ya con amon mientras hablanda "Demasiado ya gat camo... jendeh mas yo ta gusta timora hay recibi ya lang camo un soco estaba conmigo." ^_^

    Que ver un soco . . . Jajana

    1. Si amo tu. Debe ese demasiao. :D

    2. Mi tata, amo tamen ele ya habla el usada de ese palabra... para regana...

  2. Este pa gale acerca la palabra "Masiao", primer vez yo ya puede oí con ese palabra all na Canción de Zamboangueño que ya canta el Major Chords - "Mama Yo Quiero". ^_^

    Habla pa na Canción:

    El mujer dao es "masiao embustero" (uber lier)
    El hombre dao es "masiao paliquero". (Uber playboy)

    Jajajajaja ^_^

  3. Very common in Caviteño, I've heard various forms: demasiado, dimasiao and masiao.


  4. As far as I understood, it is equivalent to filipino of spanish origin word "masyado".