The Chabacano Señorita and Amigo

A few hours ago, I come back from a vacation to my lonely and small apartment to find out that my stock of brown rice grew black crawling insects. I was horrified. I debated whether I should just throw the rice away. Having paid a premium for it though, I decided not to. I belatedly asked my dad about it and he said that I should simply wash the rice and remove the insects. He also said that those black crawling insects are called amigo in Chabacano. That prompted me to write this.

I don’t know about you but I’ve never heard the word amigo in used like this in Chabacano. Maybe it was because we consumed a lot of rice in the house and never had old stocked rice that there was never any opportunity to learn this word. Anyway, I wonder why these insects would be called amigo, they're hardly anyone's friends.

I remember a friend who grew up in Manila but whose father spoke to her in Chabacano, and so she could speak Chabacano only to a certain degree of fluency, say that in their house, they call small mice a senorita.

Now I never heard the word señorita used like this before so I asked my friends about it, but they haven't heard this word used like this before either. The señorita that I know of is the spoiled girl or the variety of banana that is smaller than the usual.

There are actually Chabacano words that you think are known to everyone just because you've used them all your life but later find out that they are only being used within your family. I was thinking that these words are one of those.

What about you? Have you ever encountered the words señorita and amigo used like this? I'd love to hear from you.