Another Public Announcement in Chabacano

I was browsing an online when I saw this billboard announcing Zamboecozone's application for conversion of land use from Agricultural to Industrial. I decided to post it here since we don't see a lot of written Chabacano. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to contact the person who originally posted the photo so I wasn't able to get a clearer photo. Below is a transcription of the text in the billboard in English and Chabacano. If you see any errors in the transcription, please feel free to let me know about them.


Notice of Land Conversion Application

Notice is hereby given that Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority And Freeport or Zamboecozone has filed an application for land use conversion of the land situated at Sitio San Ramon, Barangay Talisayan, Zamboanga city, specifically identified as follows:

Registered Owner: Zamboecozone
Area applied for conversion: 33.7 hectares

The above parcel is sought to be converted from Agricultural to Industrial use for the construction of a 500 MW Power Plant by San Ramon Power Incorporated (SRPI)

Any person with valid objection to the said land use conversion application may file his/her objection/protest thereto in writing and address it to the MARO, National Highway, Barangay Ayala, Zamboanga city or CLUPPA Chairperson DAR Central office, Diliman, Quezon city not later than thirty (30) days from posting of the Billboard or not later than fifteen (15) days from conduct of ocular inspection, whichever is later.

Date Posted:
Schedule of Ocular Inspection:
Approving Authority and Address:
Date of Approval:


Anuncio de Applicasion Para Conversion de Lote

Ta informa el Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority y Freeport o Zamboecozone cay presentamente tiene applicasion (##word unclear**) para converti pedaso parcel de lote na Sitio San Ramon, Barangay de Talisayan identificao (this word was not clear in the photo, so I just guessed it) como:

Registrao dueno: Zamboecozone
Grandor del lote para converti: 33.7 hectares

Este parcel de lote ay converti estaba na Agricultural para Industrial para el construcion de un 100 MW planta de electricidad que construji  el San Ramon Power Incorporated (SRPI).

Si tiene valido reclamo na applicasion del Zamboecozone para el segun conversion, puede ustedes escribi na MARO, National Road, Barangay Ayala, Ciudad de Zamboanga con el cabesa mayor del CLUPPA Dar Central Office, Diliman, Quezon city, treinta (30) dias duespues de este anuncio or por de mas quinse (15) dias despues del inspeccion ocular o cosa man mas ulihi con el dos.

Pecha del anuncio:
Pecha del inspeccion ocular:
Otoridad del Aprovada:
Pecha de Aprovada:

Since the Chabacano used above is very modern, I am pretty sure that it will be understood by almost everyone who speaks the language. Some words that may not be known to some Chabacano speakers will still be understood because these words are recognizable by English speakers which most of them are.

While I love that they made the effort to translate this announcement into Chabacano, I feel like the translator was not very thorough in doing his job. I say this because the spelling of certain words was incorrect such as applicasion and construcion (though we can see that they spelled inspeccion correctly). While the word estaba (as was mentioned in one of my previous posts) means from or used to in Chabacano, I don't feel like they used it correctly in the text above (este parcel de lote ay converti estaba na Agricultura para Industrial). I think the word desde would have been more correct (este parcel de lote ay converti DESDE Agricultural para Industrial). What do you think?

Let me tell you though what I liked about this translation. I love how they translated whichever comes later as cosa man mas ulihi na dos. The word ulihi means the last one or in this case, the later one.

The word otoridad is derived from autoridad. It was spelled as pronounced. This is the same for the words pecha (from fecha), and construji (construi).

The Zamboecozone is an industrial park in Zamboanga city which provides tax incentives to its tenants.