The Chabacano Expression 'No Hay Que Ver Con'

In Spanish, the expression no tiene nada que ver con means it 'doesn't have anything to do with (something)'. Did you know that there is a creolized version of this expression in Chabacano? In Chabacano, we say no hay que ver con.

Here are some sentences using this expression.

Chabacano: No hay que ver ese cosa tu ta habla na cosa ya pasa conmigo.
English: What you are saying doesn't have anything to do with what happened to me.

Chabacano: No hay que ver el mio trabajo na cen.
English: My job does not have anything to do with money.

This expression is actually used conversationally. Formally, one would probably say no hay conexion con or no hay relacion con.

This expression can also mean 'to not care'. Here are some example sentences.

Chabacano: No hay yo que ver.
English: I don't care.

Chabacano: No hay le que ver contigo.
English: He doesn't care about you.