And Yet Another Public Announcement in Chabacano

I was browsing the Skyscrapercity forums and came across this photo. It is a public announcement from COMELEC (Commission on Elections) and the city government of Zamboanga. Essentially, it is asking registered voters without biometrics to go and have their biometrics captured at the COMELEC office.

Here's a translation of the title and the first part of the announcement.

Notice from the COMELEC and local government of Zamboanga

We are informing registered voters who lack or don't have biometrics data in their registered 
document, that you will be removed from the voter's list and this means that you will lose the
right to vote in the 2016 elections.

I'm not going to make any commentaries on the Chabacano written above. This photo is just for everyone's enjoyment. But while I have your attention, let me take this opportunity to encourage everyone to register for the upcoming elections. It is very important that we make our voices heard in choosing our next president.


  1. Could you translate what it says? It seems to be interesting.

  2. ¿Mi comento?
    Mucho mana deletreada equivocado . . . Jejejeje
    Wrong spelling! :-)