The Chabacano Corre

The word corre has several meanings in the Chabacano language. The first is to run. This meaning is similar to the Spanish correr. The second meaning of this word in the Chabacano language is fast. Note that as a verb, the ‘e’ in the word corre is stressed, but as an adjective, there are no stresses on the word. The last meaning of the word corre is to function or work. This last meaning is a bit figurative and when pronounced, a stress should be placed on the ‘e’.

Here are some examples of how the word corre is used in the Chabacano language.

Chabacano: *Todo'l dia yo ta corre na Pasonanca Park.

English: I run every day at the Pasonanca Park.

Chabacano: Por que tu ta corre?

English: Why are you running?

Chabacano: Corre man gayod aquel coche…

English: That car sure runs fast…

Chabacano: Bien corre gayod el caballo.

English: The horse is running to fast.

Chabacano: Ta corre pa ba ese computer?

English: Does that computer still work?

Chabacano: Hinde mas ta corre el coche.

English: The car doesn’t run anymore.

Note that the last usage of corre is usually used only for vehicles.

*todo el dia

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