The Chabacano Corre

The word corre can mean three different things in the Chabacano language. The Chabacano corre can be a verb meaning 'to run'. This meaning is similar to the Spanish correr. However, corre can also be an adjective or an adverb meaning 'fast' and this second definition of corre in Chabacano does not occur in the Spanish correr. The last meaning of the word corre is to function or work (like in English). This last meaning of corre does not appear in any of my Chabacano dictionaries and is not used all the time and may not be known by many people.

Here are some examples of how the word corre is used in the Chabacano language.

Chabacano: Todol dia yo ta corre na Pasonanca Park.
English: I run every day at the Pasonanca Park.

Chabacano: Por que tu ta corre?
English: Why are you running?

Chabacano: Corre man gayod aquel coche…
English: That car sure runs fast…

Chabacano: Corre gayod ta conversa el de amon maestra.
English: Our teacher speaks very fast.

Chabacano: Bien corre gayod el caballo.
English: The horse is running so fast.

Chabacano: Ta corre pa ba ese computer?
English: Does that computer still work?

Chabacano: Hinde mas ta corre el coche.
English: The car doesn’t run anymore.

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