A Chabacano Inspirational Message for Women

I was browsing Facebook when I saw this very inspiring message:

Okay so it is not in Chabacano, it is in Spanish. But what I'll do today is I'll translate the message from Spanish to Chabacano.

Tu cuerpo, ta hace contigo sexy
Tu cara, ta hace contigo bonita
Tu sonrisa, ta hace contigo linda
Pero tu pensamiento, amo el cosa ta hace contigo bien hermosa...

Some.of the words here will probably not be understood by some Chabacano speakers. Here's a list of those words and their equivalents in English.

hermosa- beautiful
sonrisa- smile
linda- pretty

The word linda is Spanish and I am not sure if it appears in Chabacano, I have however chosen to borrow this Spanish word in my translation.

In the last line, I chose not to use the word totalmente because I wanted the Chabacano in my translation to sound more current. In the comments section below, arondayot Zamboangueño contributes his version which is: Pero tu pensamiento el que ta hace contigo totalmente hermosa (which actually sounds better than mine).

There you go, a few words of encouragement for all women out there feeling bad about themselves. For me though, what makes a woman totally beautiful is her mind and heart.


  1. I saw this message on Facebook too, and I find it very nice, because it is a big truth (at least for me =P).

  2. Jerome, you may also express it as "Pero tu pensamiento el que ta hace contigo totalmente hermosa."

    As a native Zamboangueño Chavavano speaker who can read and write quite well in my Chavavano language, I've already understood what was the message trying to say.. I don't know, maybe it's because of my exposure to some Castilian Word and Grammatical Structure.

  3. Jerome,
    Pedi yo su permiso para descargá yo este foto aquí.

    Hay publicá yo este na Habla Zamboangueño con tu versión and mi versión.
    ¿Puede? ^_^

  4. Hinde mio ese retrato. Ya envia yo contigo email.