Origins of the Chabacano Que Ver

In Chabacano, que ver is used to express disbelief or surprise. In Spanish, it means something like 'something to see'. Actually, the meaning in Chabacano does not go far from the Spanish meaning of this expression.

Anyway, I wrote this article since in my opinion a lot of Zamboangueños say que ver but don't know that it is also Spanish. I myself used to think (whenever I say que ver) that it originated from another language. Now I know that it comes from Spanish.

Here is an example from the Word Reference forum on how to use this expression in Spanish:


- María me ha dicho que al final mañana irá al cine con Juan.
~ Pero, ¿de verdad te crees que irá? ¡Hay que ver...!

and this is the English translation:

Maria has told me that finally she'll be going to the movies with Juan
But, do you really think he'll go? Wait and see!/We'll find out!

In Chabacano, this is how you use it.

-Preñada ya tambien si Maria! (Maria is pregnant again!)
-Que ver! (What? or Really?)

Most people, especially young people spell this as keber.