Chabacano there VS Spanish there

In Spanish there are three words for the English 'there'. When referring to something near the person being addressed, one uses 'ahí'. Here is an example:

Las plumas que tienes allí son bonitas
The pens that you have there are very pretty

When referring to something which is distant however, one would use 'allí'. An example is:

Allí, hay playas bonitas
There are beautiful beaches over there

And when 'allí' comes after a verb of motion like ir, 'allá' is used. An example would be:

Voy para allá
I'm on my way there

In Chabacano, we only use 'alli' and 'alla'. Although, these two forms of there are used differently.

Chabacano 'alli' is used to refer to something which is near the person being addressed. An example is:

Tiene tu alli lapiz?
Do you have a pencil there?

While Chabacano 'alla' is used to refer to something distant. Here's an example:

Tiene ba alla culebra?
Are there snakes there?

'Aqui' (here) is used in Chabacano the same way it is used in Spanish.