The Chabacano Enbuenamente

I have always been curious about the Chabacano enbuenamente. I have always thought that it sounds very Spanish especially since the word is used as an adjective which means to do something properly. Recently though, I tried researching on the origins of enbuenamente, but all I could find were Chabacano texts in blogs and other websites. I have come to the conclusion then that it is a Chabacano word without Spanish origins. However, I encountered some texts online (in Chabacano) which spelled enbuenamente as en buena mente and it is there that I found its Spanish origins.The Chabacano word which I have been using all my life to describe an action is actually Spanish. Here are some examples of how enbuenamente is used in Chabacano along with their rough English translation:

Chabacano: Conversa daw enbuenamente
English: Would you speak properly...

Chabacano: Ta hace ya gane yo enbuenamente
English: I'm doing it properly already…

Chabacano: Oui daw enbuenamente
English: Would you listen well…

Chabacano: Enbuenamente daw
English: Would you stop playing around or stop fooling me…

In Chabacano, enbuenamente is pronounced by some people as embuenamente.

En buena mente is literally 'in good mind' in Spanish although as you have seen, it means well in Chabacano. I have not encountered en buena mente in Spanish yet so I don't know if it is used in Spanish. If you speak Spanish, any information about this would be greatly appreciated.

Some people say buenamente instead of enbuenamente. Some even pronounce this as bunamente.

I recently watched a travel show wherein a Spaniard who was visiting Zamboanga city was interviewed. She was asked to speak with a Chabacano speaker and she said:"como estas?" The Chabacano speaker actually answered, "enbuenamente". And I'm not sure whether the Spaniard knew that enbuenamente meant 'well' or 'good' in Chabacano or that she interpreted it as "in good or sound mind"