The Chabacano Queda

In Spanish, the word quedar is used sometimes in place of estar. Other times it is used to mean 'become' or 'left over'.

In Chabacano, you will also find similar uses. Here are some examples (along with a Spanish and English translation):

Chabacano: Cuanto zapatos ya lang ya queda contigo?
Spanish: Cuántos zapatos te quedan?
English: How many shoes are left with you?

Chabacano: Ya queda malo el TV
Spanish: La televisión no funciona más
English: The TV is not functioning anymore.

Chabacano: Hinde de suyo culpa si ya queda le dormido na mi coche.
Spanish: Ella no tiene la culpa de quedarse dormida en mi coche.
English: It isn't her fault that she fell asleep in my car.

Chabacano: Donde tu ta queda?
Spanish: Donde vives?
English: Where do you live?

As you may have noticed in the last sentence, we don't use the word vivi to express the word live (to reside) in Chabacano. Instead we say queda. Interestingly, the Spanish quedarse means to stay and it is very possible that this could be where this particular Chabacano meaning of queda came from.

The other uses of queda in Chabacano are more or less similar to the Spanish usage.