Origins of the Chabacano Caga and Miya

I had always been curious about the word caga and miya in Chabacano. It sounds Spanish but somehow, I can’t seem to find it in any Spanish dictionary.

It wasn’t until I tried my luck using that I found the possible Spanish origins of caga and miya. There is indeed a Spanish verb cagar meaning to have a sh*t and mear meaning to have a p*ss. These two words though are considered very vulgar which explains why I couldn't find them in standard Spanish dictionaries.

In the Chabacano dictionaries that I have, this word is spelled as miya, which is also the spelling I decided to use in this article.

Here are some sample Chabacano sentences using these two words.

Chabacano: Quiere tu caga?
English: Do you want to defecate?

Chabacano: Que hora tu ultimo ya miya?
English: When was the last time that you urinated?

In hospitals, they tend to use the word ensucia instead of caga to refer to defecating. Thus, caga is also informal in Chabacano but not necessarily vulgar. Mia though can be used in formal and informal settings.

A Chabacano word that is related to caga is caganera, which means loose bowel movement. Other Chabacano words related to miya are miyao and miyon. Miyao possibly comes from the Spanish meado and it is a noun meaning 'urine'. Miyon is an adjective in Chabacano and it means 'somebody who urinates frequently'.