Origins of the Chabacano Custipao

The word for a common cold in Chabacano is custipao. Have you ever wondered where this word came from?

The Chabacano word custipao most probably has its beginnings most probably in the Spanish language.

There are different ways to say to have a cold in Spanish. The most common (I think) are estar resfriado and tener catarro. However, estar constipado or tener constipado also means to have a cold in Spanish. In colloquial Spanish, the 'd' in words ending in -ado sometimes gets dropped.

Anyway, here are some examples of how we use the word custipao in Chabacano.

Chabacano: Tiene yo custipao.
Spanish: Estoy constipado.
English: I have a cold.

Chabacano: Cosa yo necesita toma para sapa mio custipao?
English: What (medicine) do I need to take to get rid of this cold?

In Camins' Chabacano dictionary, this word is spelled as custipau while it is is spelled as custipao in Santos' Chabacano dictionary.

It is also very probable that the word custipao is of Portuguese origins.