Origins of the Chabacano Adredes

The Chabacano word adredes means 'on purpose' or 'intentionally'. I remember using this word whenever my brother and I would fight and I would explain my side to my dad (who acts as the referee). I would always remember crying out to my dad, "hinde aquel adredes".

This word actually has its origins in the Spanish language. The Spanish word though is adrede.

Here are some ways on how to use the word adredes in Chabacano:

Chabacano: Adredes ba tu con aquel ya hace?
English: Did you do that on purpose?

Chabacano: Ya pacha yo con el mio hermano adredes.
English: I kicked my brother on purpose.

Chabacano: Ya bombia yo con el mio tata na cara adredes.
English: I punched my father in the face intentionally.

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  1. Note that in ancient Spanish language there was variation between "adrede" without final -s, and "adredes" with final -s.
    "Adredes" is found in documents and texts until mid-nineteenth century at least

    Congratulations for this blog!

    Mauro Fernández
    from Spain