How To Say 'Today' in Chabacano

How does one say ‘today’ in Chabacano?

Do we use the Spanish ‘hoy’?

Guess again.

To say the word 'today' in Chabacano, we simply say este dia or literally ‘this day’.

Here are some examples of how it is used in Chabacano:

Chabacano: Anda yo na banco este dia.
English: I am going to the bank today.

Chabacano: Que hora tu sale este dia?
English: What time are you leaving today?

Chabacano: Este dia ba el casamiento de Pilar?
English: Is Pilar’s wedding today?


  1. i'm a davaweño and i find it interesting to speak chavacano. And i'm falling inlove with this language. Well thank u for this blog. :) gracias!

  2. buenas dias. :) taga-Davao ako and learning Chavacano.I am confused with the words casao y casado. casao means "nagpakasal", right? then "casado" means tired?

    1. Hi Emily. Thansk for taking interest in our language. Casao is married or kasal. Nagpakasal is ya casa. For example:

      Nagpakasal na ang kapatid ko
      Ya casa ya mi hermano/hermana

      Kasal na ang aking kapatid
      Casao ya mi hermano/hermana

      I don't believe the word casado exists in Chabacano. Tired is cansao.

  3. Hello,

    I think casado is the "married" word in spanish.
    Spanish: ¿está ya casado?
    Chavacano: casao ya usted?
    English: Are you married?