Origins of the Chabacano Gumita

The Chabacano word gumita means to vomit. It comes from the Spanish word vomitar. In fact, you can hear some people say this word as vomita (bumita) and not gumita. My dad is one of those people. Camins' dictionary lists this word as gumita and vomita.

Here are some example sentences using the Chabacano word gumita:

Chabacano: Cuanto veces tu ya gumita ayer?
English: How many times did you vomit yesterday?

Chabacano: No tu gumita aqui adentro.
English: Don’t vomit here (inside).

Chabacano: Ta gumita ba el perro?
English: Do dogs vomit?

The noun for the verb gumita is gomitorio. Here are some example sentences on how the word gomitorio is used in Chabacano.

Chabacano: Favor limpia el gomitorio del bata.
English: Please clean up the child’s vomit.

Chabacano: Hiede el gomitorio suyo.
English: His vomit smells.


  1. In Caviteño we say vomitá (pronounced bumitá)

  2. In Spanish it is also said "gomitar", and "agomitar" (colloquial and vulgar pronunciation)