Origins of the Chabacano Suena

The Chabacano suena can be adjective when it means 'loud' and an adverb when it is used to ask people to speak louder.
Here are some sample sentences.

Chabacano: Hace suena tu voz. Hinde yo ta oi.
English: Make your voice louder. I can’t hear (you).

Chabacano: Suena gayod el radio.
English: The radio is too loud.

Chabacano: Suena conversa favor para puede yo oi contigo.
English: Speak loudly please so I can hear you.

Chabacano: Bien suena gayod el voz de aquel mujer no?
English: That girl’s voice is very loud, right?

When asking somebody to speak louder, you can also use the word duro instead of suena.

In Spanish, sonar (the infinitive of suena) means to make a sound and this is probably how the Chabacano suena came to be.

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