How to say to feed and to bathe in Chabacano

In this blog post, I will be teaching two expressions using the word dale that you probably will not find in any Chabacano dictionary. These are dale come and dale baña. These mean to feed someone and to bathe someone respectively. Note that these are normally used when referring to feeding/ bathing babies, and pets. Literally, dale come means give eat and dale baña give bathe.

Here are some sentences using these two expressions:

Chabacano: Que hora tu dale come con el perro?
English: What time will you be feeding the dog?

Chabacano: No hay pa yo dale come con el mga manok.
English: I haven’t fed the chickens yet.

Chabacano: Quien contigo ya dale baña?
English: Who bathed you?

Chabacano: Sabe ba tu que modo dale baña bata?
English: Do you know how to bathe a child?

So there you go. Two expressions using the Chabacano word dale which you’ll never learn from grammar books and dictionaries.