Modern Chabacano Songs

In the past, people have always complained that Chabacano songs are so baduy. This is specially true among the younger people. This attitude towards Chabacano songs is probably because Chabacano songs are usually folk songs. If it's not about the city, it's about the Our Lady of the Pillar. But gone are the days when the only Chabacano songs we know are the ones popularized by Major Chords (a local band that sings in Chabacano). Today, we have so many fresh Zamboangueño composers and singers that YouTube is filled with these modern Chabacano songs. There is even talk in Facebook of putting up a radio station that only plays Chabacano songs. And why not? We now have more Chabacano songs than ever. 

Recently, I was at the Goldilocks in Robinson's and I was so shocked to hear a Chabacano song playing over a radio station in Manila. I later found out that a local band called Maldita had made it in the national music scene with it's hit song Porque.

In this post, I will list the Chabacano songs that I found in You Tube. This list is limited only to the modern Chabacano songs and which are (in my opinion) contemporary.

The first Chabacano song we are going to feature is Tiene Duenyo. It of course means that there is already an owner or that the singers heart already belongs to someone.

The second featured Chabacano songs is Tiene Vez. Tiene Vez is a Chabacano song which talks about the hardships of life and about not giving. As you can see, even though us (Chabacano speakers) pronounce it as chene, the original Spanish spelling is not yet lost to us.


Pakilaya is yet another Chabacano love song.

Para Con Ele is another nice Chabacano song which means For Him or For Her.

This romantic Chabacano song is titled Etu lang or Only You.

 Here is a Chabacano song contributed by an anonymous commenter. It is a happy love song.

If you wish to add to this list, just post the you tube link in the comments section. If you'd like to report any links in this post that are not working, please post it on the comments section as well. Thanks.


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