The Chabacano Logra

Whenever I speak my very limited Spanish, I sometimes use the word lograr to mean that I was able to do something. A few days ago, I met with my ZamboangueƱo friend whom I have not seen for some time. Imagine my surprise when he used this word. The way he used this word though told me that it’s Chabacano meaning is different from the Spanish meaning of this word.

Camins’ dictionary defines this word as 'to avail one’s self of and he translates the word as lograr in Spanish.

Santos’ dictionary meanwhile defines this word as 'to succeed', 'to enjoy', 'to achieve', and 'to take advantage'. When my friend used this word, he actually meant 'to enjoy'. Here are his exact words: logra, logra ya kamo (meaning to take advantage of the moment and to enjoy it).

The difference between Camins’ and Santos’definition of this word is a bit puzzling. Does this mean that the definitions to enjoy and to take advantage just evolved from the original meaning? Note that Camins’ dictionary came out before Santos’. It is also a good thing to note that Camins was more advanced in years than Santos.

Another thing that puzzles me is how this word would be used in Chabacano using its Spanish meaning since I never heard people use the word logra to mean 'to achieve' or 'to succeed'. I imagine though that it would go like this: ya logra yo ajunta diez mil (I succeeded or was able to save up ten thousand pesos) or maybe like this: ya logra yo escribi un libro (I was able to write a book).

How about you? Have you ever heard the word logra being used in Chabacano to say 'to succeed' or 'to achieve'?

It really amazes me how the Chabacano de Zamboanga language can be so rich. šŸ˜€