Origins of the Chabacano Sopas

The word sopa in Spanish means 'soup' and this was most probably how the Chabacano sopas came about.

In Chabacano, the word sopas is the name of a dish. This dish is a soup made of corn with sausages (normally chorizo), onion, and bits of pork. My uncle likes his sopas with lots of pepper.

I am not sure if this same dish is known in other parts of the country but in Manila, there is also a dish called sopas. However, in Manila, sopas is a soup made of macaroni noodles, milk, carrots, bell pepper, and bits of chicken.

Camins’ Chabacano dictionary does not list the words sopas or sopa. The more recent dictionary of Rolando Arquiza Santos does list the word sopa and defines it as soup. I have not, however, heard anyone use this word so this is probably one of those Chabacano words falling into disuse.

What about you? Which dish are you referring to when you say the word sopas?