How to Express Wishes in Chabacano

My brother recently asked me how to say I wish I had (something) in Chabacano. It's funny because I'm totally not the Chabacano expert that he thinks I am. of course, being the dutiful brother that I am, I tried answering his question to the best of my ability.

Like many young ZamboangueƱos who claim to speak Chabacano as their first language, my brother is not very articulate in Chabacano. This actually is the reason why code switching (or mixing English with Chabacano) is very rampant among young Chabacano speakers (including me). šŸ˜

Anyway, here are some sentences which begin with I wish I and how you could say them in Chabacano:

English: I wish I had saved money when I was still young
Chabacano: Era ya recoge yo cen cuando joven pa yo.

English: I wish I could go back to being young again
Chabacano: Era puede yo vira na tiempo cuando joven pa yo

English: I wish I'll have a car
Chabacano: Ay tiene era yo coche or Era hay tiene yo coche

English: I wish I had a car
Chabacano: Tiene era yo coche

English: I wish I'll be rich
Chabacano: Ay queda era yo rico or Era queda yo rico

English: I wish I were rich
Chabacano: Rico era yo

Note that hay tiene era yo coche can also be tiene era yo coche (without the 'ay') and it will convey the same meaning. To read more on the Chabacano ay, click here.

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  1. (escribiendo na Dialecto ZamboangueƱo)

    "Ojala con favor todo de Dios hay puede yo tene buen Ć©xito na vida."