An Easter Message in Chabacano

I was browsing a forum about Zamboanga city when I happened upon the local government’s Easter message. I must say that I really like how the Easter message was written in simple but formal Chabacano.

It’s sad however that a number of young Zamboangueños probably wouldn’t understand fully this Chabacano text. So here’s a vocabulary guide to make this Easter message more understandable. I actually picked out the words which in my opinion would not be known to Zamboangueños who don’t speak Chabacano well or those that speak it as a second language.

En calor de (on behalf of)

Felicita (to greet)

Culminacion (culmination)

Amediante (amid)

Mejor (better)

Ama (to love)

Muerte (death)

Guia (to guide)

Bendici (to bless)

Rezo (prayer)

Domingo De Pascua (Easter Sunday)

Dificultad (hardship)

Fe (faith)

If you watch or listen to Chabacano news or attend public school, you probably wouldn’t have a hard time understanding the message above as Chabacano is very much alive in these institutions.

Here is my attempt to translate the mayor's message to English:

In behalf of the local government of Zamboanga, I wish you all a happy Easter Sunday! The culmination of the Holy Week reminds us of the mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus for our salvation. Amid the hardships, Jesus continues to guide and bless us. Hopefully, after several days of reflection, prayer, and penitence, our trust and faith in God will be stronger and inspire us more to work together for a much better Zamboanga. We love you, Jesus! 
May God be with you! 
Beng Climaco and the local government of Zamboanga

Happy Easter everyone!