The Chabacano Pasea

In Spanish, the word pasear means to take a walk or a stroll. According to Santos' and Camins' Chabacano dictionary, this word has the same definition in Chabacano. In modern Chabacano, this word means to go somewhere for leisure purposes and not simply to take a walk. The Tagalog counterpart of this word is pasyal which also means to go somewhere for leisure purposes.

Today, when we say pasea in Chabacano, the thing that comes to our minds are parks, malls, department stores, or a trip out of town. In the past, they may have thought of water front boardwalks, and esplanades when they used this word.

This word is most often spelled as pasia or pasya by young Chabacano speakers. It is pronounced often as pasha.

Here are some sentences using the Chabacano pasea.

Chabacano: Ta pasea todo'l sabado, el entero familia.
English: The whole family goes out every Saturdays.

Chabacano: Quiere yo anda pasea na Manila.
English: I want to go on a leisure trip to Manila.