3 Ways Jollibee Is Promoting Chabacano in Zamboanga City

1. Chabacano Restrooms

A few days ago, I was in Zamboanga city and decided to drop by the Jollibee in front of the city hall (to use their bathroom 😜). I was beyond happy when I saw that their restrooms were labeled with "hombre" (male) and "muher"(female).

Although, the word mujer is misspelled according to the recently released Chavacano orthography. I'm sure the purists wouldn't approve. 😀 I think though, that most young people (who aren't very exposed to Spanish) spell this word as muher and not mujer.

2. Chabacano Signs

I couldn't resist taking a photo of these signs written in Chabacano. One of them asks people (who aren't employees) to keep out and the other one asks people to always keep an eye on their belongings (it's sad that this sign is ubiquitous all around the country 😩).

Aren't they the cutest thing ever? 😁

Hopefully, Jollibee makes these Chabacano signs available in other Jollibee branches in the city. I think the reason why the branch in front of the city hall is very Bien Chabacano is because it is inside the heritage zone of Zamboanga city.

3. Chabacano Greetings

One day, my brother and I decided to eat at a Jollibee near where we lived. Much to my surprise, the guard greeted us in Chabacano. Buenas noches, he said. I was even more surprised when the girl at the counter (in a tone that hinted she was asking for our order) told me, buenas noches po. Deciding to ignore the po at the end, I happily gave her my order in Chabacano only to be spoken to in Tagalog. 😅

The security guard outside (who from his accent, I was able to tell right away was a fluent Chabacano speaker) told me that it was a brand standard to greet customers and thank them in Chabacano. 😊


  1. Tupaw haha. Pruba yo li anda na c.r del jollibee city hall. Mira yo konese kay kwanto beses ya yo ali ya entra nojay gat yo konese pwede repara hahahaha

  2. Para conmigo, largo ya gat ese...
    puede kita hace mas corto el mana siguientes:

    Employees/Staff only --> Empleados Solamente / Solo Empleados

    Please keep an eye on your valuable things:
    --> Favor, está atento na de vosotros cosas valores
    --> Favor, vicía de vosotros cosas valiosas valores.