Origins of the Chabacano Vale

My friend and I were speaking about the company Christmas party recently and something she said caught my attention. She said yung comida no vale talaga.

This friend of mine had a Spanish mestiza grandmother who taught her how to speak Spanish.

I was more intrigued though when I was chatting with a Mexican friend of mine and she told me mas vale si… (when she was telling me what I ought to do).

The reason why these caught my attention is that these usages of the word vale are very close to the Chabacano usage.

Here are some sentences using the word vale (meaning 'good' or 'nice') in Chabacano.

Chabacano: Vale gale aqui na Manila…
English: I didn’t know that Manila was nice.

Chabacano: Vale man ese tuyo cellphone…
English: Your cellphone is nice.

Chabacano: Mas vale si cen ya lang tu conmigo dale.
English: It’s better if you just give me money.

There is also another way to use the word vale in Chabacano and I discussed that here.

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