How to say 'Fast' in Chabacano

It is often tricky to say the word 'fast' in Chabacano. Often it depends on the context on how you say the word 'fast' in Chabacano. There are five ways I can think of to say the word 'fast' in Chabacano.

Paspas: This word comes from the Cebuano language. This, I think, is the most common word for 'fast' in Chabacano, especially among young Chabacano speakers.

Todas: The word todas is defined as in full force or with much force by the Chabacano dictionary of Rolando Arquiza Santos (2010). This word is sometimes also used to mean 'fast' or 'loud' by other people but these definitions don’t exist in Santos’ Chabacano dictionary because these definitions are very colloquial. Camins’ Chabacano dictionary was published more than twenty years before Santos’ does not have the word todas.

Pronto: This word comes from the Spanish language and it also means quick or fast in that language. In Italian, the word pronto also exists and means fast as well. Colloquially, pronto can also mean easy in Chabacano. Camins' dictionary defines pronto as quick and prompt while Santos' defines it as fast, soon, and quick.

Corre: Aside from 'to run', this word can also mean 'fast'. The stress on this word falls on the letter o if it's a noun.

Rapido: The word rapido is markedly absent in Camins’ dictionary. It is, however, present in the dictionary of Rolando Arquiza Santos. I have to say though that I have never heard this word used in the Chabacano language. It might have been used in the past though or by old people. Rapido is the common Spanish word for the adjective fast.

Ligero: The word ligero is a Bien Chabacano word meaning 'fast'. You will be hard pressed to find young Chabacano speakers who know this word. It is present in both Camins' and Santos' Chabacano dictionaries.

Here are some sentences using some of these Chabacano words:

Chabacano: Paspas gayod ta camina el tuyo amigo
English: Your friend is walking very fast.

Chabacano: Bien paspas man cuento el reporter.
English: The reporter is speaking too fast.

Chabacano: Todas man gayod tu tan type?
English: You can type very fast.

Chabacano: Todas gayod tu ta camina.
English: You’re walking very fast.

Chabacano: Puede tu hace todas tuyo voz?
English: Can you make your voice louder?

Chabacano:  Pronto lang ba ta coci el pescao?
English: Does fish cook fast?

Chabacano: Pronto ya! A las nueve empeza el casamiento!
English: Quick! The wedding starts at nine.

Chabacano: Pronto lang ba el exam?
English: Was the exam easy?

Chabacano: Bien corre el coche
English: The car is so fast.

Chabacano: Bien corre ta corre el caballo
English: The horse is running very fast.

So how do you know which word to use? Unfortunately, there really are no set rules on which word to use for a certain scenario so the best way to approach this dilemma is to listen to native speakers speak Chabacano.