A Tree Saving Sign in Chabacano

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The sign above is found in one of the sprawling century-old Acacia trees near Fort Pilar. I remember my history teacher in college telling me that these trees came from Jose Rizal's plantation in Dapitan. According to her, Jose Rizal won a lottery and used the money to buy land wherein he had a plantation of Acacia trees. If you visit Zamboanga city and you make your way to the Fort Pilar, you will surely not miss these trees. But the real purpose of this post is to bring to your attention the very beautiful Chabacano message found in the sign. it says el govierno del ciudad de Zamboanga ya declara coneste pono como un "centenario y pono de herencia" y ta apela con todo vivientes que proteje y preserva con este pono como parte del d'aton riquesas. Let me translate that for you: the city government of Zamboanga declared this tree as a century and heritage tree and appeals to everyone to protect and preserve this tree as part of our wealth.

Click here to learn more about the Chabacano word pono.

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